Friday, February 2, 2007

Sunrise, Part II

Just to clear things up for Julie and Melissa and anyone else who was confused...

As I said before,
Sunrise was given the Academy Award for Unique and Artistic Production (in 1929, for films made in 1927 or 1928) which some have considered to be a variation of Best Picture. There was no Best Picture Academy Award given in 1929. But, in a way, 1929 had two Best Pictures, WINGS and Sunrise. Wikipedia lists both of these films as Best Picture, but most lists do not include Sunrise. As I said before, the list of Best Pictures on Netflix did not include Sunrise as a Best Picture so my husband didn't put it on our queue. If I had my druthers, I would have liked to watch this one too and would have watched it before The Broadway Melody.
However, what I didnt realize when I wrote my first post (saying how I would watch Sunrise after The Broadway Melody) is that Sunrise is unavailable to me. It isn't at Blockbuster. It isn't at the library. It isn't available through Netflix. So, I will not be able to review it at this time. If someone out there would like to hunt down a copy of it, by all means, please send it my way. But for now, I am continuing on without having watched it.

And again, as most lists of Best Pictures do not include
Sunrise, I can live with myself for not having seen it! Does that clarify things or just make it worse?

-- Critic Fix

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